The saying "clothes make the man" holds true, as per researchers. Our attire communicates our identity, impacting perceptions of our influence, intelligence, and financial status—crucial factors influencing how trustworthy and reliable we appear to hiring managers, colleagues, and clients. In professional headshots, clothing choice extends beyond the right pose and style; it establishes one's professional identity in their network. As headshots often precede in-person meetings, wardrobe selection plays a vital role in making an impactful first impression.

If you're considering updating your headshots, the question of what to wear is crucial. To prepare for your session, consider these wardrobe tips for creating exceptional professional portraits.

Moreover, if you seek to update your headshot without visiting a studio, our guide on capturing a professional headshot at home using just a smartphone might be beneficial.

Business Headshot Services & Corporate Event Photography
Business Headshot Services & Corporate Event Photography
Business Headshot Services & Corporate Event Photography

Styling for Professional Headshots

Emulate Your Manager's Dressing Style

Appropriate workplace attire varies across industries. Professions like law and medicine typically adhere to formal and conservative dressing norms, while individuals in technical or creative roles might seem out of sync wearing a suit and tie. In times of uncertainty, observing your boss or esteemed industry figures is a reliable approach. Their attire often mirrors industry norms, aiding in projecting confidence without seeming overly contrived.

Business Headshot Services & Corporate Event Photography
Business Headshot Services & Corporate Event Photography


Even within industries favoring casual wear, opting for more formal attire during headshots can enhance your projection of confidence and authority. Studies indicate that donning formal clothing can instill a sense of power and control, affecting your posture and overall presence in photographs.

Your comfort behind the camera influences your appearance in the photos. Hence, choose formal wear that boosts your confidence. Consider options like suits, ties, or formal blouses to elevate your sense of self-assurance.

The Power of Wardrobe Choices in Professional Headshots

In today's diverse professional landscape, the way you present yourself matters. From the corporate boardroom to client meetings and networking events, your appearance sends a message. When it comes to your professional headshot, outfit choices play a pivotal role in conveying the right message to different audiences.

Embrace Variety in Outfits

Consider your daily interactions and the varied professional settings you engage in. Do you tailor your attire based on your audience? For individuals navigating diverse professional circles, such as entrepreneurs, consultants, and salespeople, having headshots that cater to different audiences is crucial. Opting for multiple photos in distinct outfits ensures you're appropriately dressed for various professional scenarios.

Business Headshot Services & Corporate Event Photography

The Impact of Suit-Inspired Attire

Traditionally, attire associated with masculinity, like tailored suits in darker tones, significantly influences perceptions of competence and authority. Studies have shown that individuals dressed in blazers and trousers are perceived as more forceful and influential, especially in managerial roles. Consider incorporating these elements into your headshot attire for a commanding professional presence.

Maintain a Polished Look

Avoid showcasing worn-out clothing in your headshots. Over time, even the most beloved pieces may show signs of wear, impacting your overall presentation. Opt for newer garments or items requiring dry cleaning to maintain a refined appearance that exudes professionalism.

Simplicity in Jewelry

In professional headshots, simplicity reigns supreme. Choose minimalistic jewelry that enhances your natural features without overshadowing them. Stick to subtle accessories like metallic or gemstone studs for earrings, ensuring they complement rather than distract from your overall look.

Strategic Attire Tips

Attention to detail matters. Avoid wearing undershirts that might distract from your professional image. Ensure your collar stays firm and tidy, avoiding the dreaded "floppy collar" appearance that can detract from an otherwise well-dressed look.

Business Headshot Services & Corporate Event Photography
Business Headshot Services & Corporate Event Photography

The Language of Colors

Color psychology plays a role in perception. Choose wardrobe colors that align with the message you want to convey. Darker hues like navy blue and black evoke authority, while brighter colors exude energy and confidence. Consider the impact of colors on your headshot to amplify the desired impression.

Crafting a Contrast

Selecting clothing that contrasts with your backdrop and skin tone is key. This contrast helps you stand out and ensures your headshot maintains a professional appearance. Avoid outfit combinations that might inadvertently associate you with other professions.

Tailored Fit for Impact

A well-fitted outfit can make a significant difference in your headshot. Higher necklines for both men and women exude professionalism. Tailored clothing creates a clean and appealing aesthetic, enhancing your overall appearance.

Partnering with a Professional Photographer

Ultimately, while your wardrobe choices are essential, the quality of your headshots depends significantly on your photographer. Choose a skilled professional who understands your goals and can capture your professional essence effectively.


Your professional headshot is a powerful tool in your professional toolkit. By carefully considering your wardrobe choices and collaborating with a proficient photographer, you can craft a visual narrative that communicates competence, authority, and approachability across various professional spheres. Are you an area professional seeking exceptional headshots? Explore our Executive Headshots page for pricing and booking details, and let's capture your professional essence through stunning headshots.