The current trending Google inquiry beyond attire guidance for headshots revolves around "how to pose for professional headshots." Typically, during our photography sessions, we address posing and expressions directly with clients. However, we're delighted to share our top selections for fantastic professional headshot poses here.

We believe that professional headshot posing shouldn't be challenging or induce discomfort, feeling forced, or staged. If one pose doesn't work, don't be disheartened—simply try another. The most effective professional headshot poses are those that feel organic to the subject, allowing them to project a natural expression in their photographs.

Recent studies suggest that body language can significantly convey likability and competence, particularly when headshots feature the body. Thus, it's important to consider how to pose in professional photos.

It's crucial to recognize that not every pose will align with one's personality. Experimenting with various poses and reviewing the outcomes between shots is key.

While some clients may harbor reservations about "posing," fearing it may result in a "rigid" or "awkward" appearance, the right poses executed by the right photographer can yield the opposite effect.

When executed correctly, posing should diminish any feelings of awkwardness or appearing overly staged, creating a candid and natural appearance.

Professional Headshots Professional Pictures Corporate Headshots Headshots background Business Headshots
Professional Headshots Professional Pictures Corporate Headshots Headshots background Business Headshots
Professional Headshots Professional Pictures Corporate Headshots Headshots background Business Headshots

Now, let's delve into specific poses!

Pose #1: The Traditional Stance

Embracing the classic headshot pose is a great choice for your session. Begin by ensuring a straightened back, then pivot your chest slightly, positioning it about 10 to 45 degrees away from the camera. Lean subtly towards the camera to create a relaxed yet engaged look.


Pose #2: Crossed Arms

To add an extra layer of charisma to your headshot, consider crossing your arms, projecting a powerful and assertive impression. Balancing this strong posture, a subtle or full smile can soften the impact, offering a friendly yet formidable impression. This pose works excellently for professionals like lawyers and corporate executives.

Pose #3: Hands on Hips

For a touch of liveliness beyond the standard pose, try positioning your hands on your hips. This gesture conveys a sense of industriousness to the viewer, implying engagement and dedication to your work.

Pose #4: Over-the-Shoulder

Opting for an over-the-shoulder pose adds a touch of spontaneity and candidness to your headshot. It generates the illusion of the photographer catching you off guard, resulting in a more natural and uncontrived feel. This style suits individuals in acting, modeling, or business spheres who seek a blend of personality and professionalism in their headshot.

Professional Headshots Professional Pictures Corporate Headshots Headshots background Business Headshots

Pose #5: Incorporating Props (e.g., Glasses)

Adding a personal touch with your favorite pair of glasses can lend an air of sophistication and contemplation to your headshot. This pose offers a cool and composed appearance, ideal for individuals in creative fields like designers, artists, or thought leaders seeking a unique edge in their portraits.

Pose #6: Sideways Lean

Much like the over-the-shoulder pose, leaning sideways against a wall infuses your headshot with a candid and relaxed ambiance. It's crucial to ensure the wall is clean and well-illuminated; a cluttered or dimly lit background might distract from the overall effect.

Pose #7: Leaning In

Seated and leaning towards the camera can create a relaxed and approachable vibe for your headshot. This pose is particularly advantageous for clients aiming to minimize the appearance of a double-chin while maintaining a comfortable and natural demeanor during the session. There's absolutely no judgment here—just finding the most flattering and comfortable pose for you!

Pose #8: Cross-Candid

Mastering the cross-candid pose can elevate personal branding projects, especially for consultants, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

This pose merges elements of candid photography (where the subject isn't facing the lens) with a subtle turn of the head "across" the camera. For instance, if the client is gazing towards the right side of the camera, it creates this cross-candid effect. While it might not suit as your primary LinkedIn profile photo, it serves as an excellent choice for business websites or social media posts, adding an engaging and dynamic touch to your professional image.

Pose #9: Fists Up

While definitely more unique, the fists-up pose may not fit the bill for most corporate clients. However, during your session, feel free to experiment and explore poses that resonate with you.

Remember, from the entire set of photos, only a few will truly stand out, so don't shy away from trying unconventional poses. If you're not fond of them, they can always be deleted—no harm done. It's all about finding a few exceptional shots that capture the essence you're aiming for!

We hope you find these simple yet effective poses helpful! Feel free to communicate your preferences before or during the session. If updating your headshot soon, explore our available packages on our website or email us at for any queries."