Providing your photographer with a list of photographs that you need to capture will ensure that you get everything you want out of your event photography. The photographer should be able to provide options and several different styles of shots. Below are some of the most popular event photography shots that you should consider capturing during your event.

  • Wide Shot

Wide shots are the perfect pictures to set the scene. These shots are great for giving your audience an overview of your event. Let your photographer know that you are interested in getting some of each.

  • Close-Ups

Another great set of shots includes close-ups of the people during the event and the activities that occur during the event. People like to see themselves in action, and multiple close-up shots during the event could be beneficial. 

  • Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes photographs always make exciting and interesting shots. People love to see everything it takes to put an event on. Behind the scenes photos also increases people’s investment in the event. If the event is an unusually large one, some behind the scenes shots can make it appear much more personal.

  • Interesting Interactions and Characters

It’s essential during the event to notice intriguing characters and get them on pictures. Be sure to capture interesting people and interactions that people will want to look back on. These are usually fleeting moments that people will miss, so you should always be ready to capture those precious moments for people to look back on.

  • Interesting Details

Also, you want the photos to pick up on interesting details during the event and document these through photographs. These types of pictures do not need to be hugely complicated. However, they will help to give structure to the story that you are trying to tell through your event photography. 

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