How do they know you best?

Popular question: Eyeglasses or no eyeglasses? And our answer is, well that depends on you! How do people know you? Are your eyeglasses a particular style and considered part of your branding? Do you only wear your glasses to read? Do people not recognize you when they see you without your eyeglasses on?

If you are deciding to shoot with both, on and off. Make sure to NOT WEAR THEM BEFORE THE SHOOT!!! Eyeglasses tend to put pressure on the bridge of the nose and usually leave a small indentation mark on the skin. This indentation mark takes time to go away. That's time that takes away from your photo session. Photo re-touching is expensive and there's no need for it if we just make the effort to be picture perfect leading up to the shoot. It's something most people forget about. So we will remind you :-)

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VRTL PRO HEADSHOTS is a photography studio in South Florida specializing in Headshots, Executive Portraits, Team, Staff, Office Headshots. Our goal is to make sure our clients look their best and make the process as easy as possible. We have two locations, Miami and Miami Beach, and we also travel. Some of our clients request we go to them and we accommodate those requests!

Tips for Headshots with Eyeglasses!

* Transitional lens eyeglasses are not suitable for photoshoots. They get darker and lighter as the lighting changes. The photo session will have constant light plus flash. Photographers are not able to edit out the lenses to make them the correct shade and be cohesive with the rest of the image. So it's important that if you would like to wear eyeglasses, that you choose ones without the transitional lens treatment.

* Glare in eyeglasses is tricky. Depending on the angle the lighting hits the glass, it may cause a glare. This is something that our photographer can adjust by guiding you to change your posture or position. It may take more time from your session to get the right set up. We generally suggest, if you aren't known for wearing glasses, but need them to function, maybe think about wearing contact lenses that day for the shoot.

* Glasses with purple or green glare - It's nearly impossible to completely 100% avoid the purple or green glare in certain situations. It can also be very hard to edit out, depending on the positioning, lighting, and angle. Sometimes it's easy to remove if it's just skin behind the glare, but if the glare is covering your eyeball or just hitting on a weird part of your glasses, it's nearly impossible. Sometimes a little desaturation works, but thats the best case scenario, which unfortunately is not often.

* Sunglasses are not considered eyeglasses and we discourage them in professional headshots or portraits unless you are a rockstar with a rebel image to uphold 😎

Here are some examples of past VRTL PRO HEADSHOTS clients wearing their eyeglasses:


VRTL PRO Headshots services Brickell, Downtown Miami, Midtown Miami, Wynwood, Miami Beach, South Florida, Coral Gables, Ft. Lauderdale. We are a team that prides itself on service, ease, and professionalism while having fun and looking good. Contact us to book your next photo session (305) 814-2224. We also go to your location when needed. Corporate, Team, and Company headshots are best done at your office to save time and be efficient.


VRTL PRO Headshots services Professional Clients. We are a team that prides itself on reliability, ease, and quality products while having fun and looking good. Contact us to book your best vendor partner for corporate media needs (305) 814-2224.

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