Achieving success in headshot photography requires an equal effort from both the client, and the photographer. While we'll go to great lengths during your session to ensure you're thrilled with your headshot, your preparation plays a pivotal role in securing a fantastic final photo.

For those feeling uncertain about how to prepare for the photo shoot, here's a comprehensive list outlining key strategies to get the most out of your session. Please note: This guide offers valuable tips for maximizing your session's effectiveness. Additionally, we're delighted to suggest products that can assist in addressing some common concerns.

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Preparation Checklist for Professional Headshots

One Week Prior:

Schedule Wisely:

Although planning your week ahead might be challenging, ensure no conflicting appointments or commitments just before your session. Maintaining focus during the shoot is crucial.

For hair preparations, it's advised to avoid last-minute attempts like getting it done the night before and sleeping on it. Opt for a same-day appointment to ensure the best results.

While makeup isn't typically suggested for most men, women aiming for a polished outcome might consider hiring a local makeup artist for their session.

Thoughtfully Consider Your Attire Choices

The primary reason—by a large margin—that prompts clients to return for additional photos is the selection of improper clothing during the initial session. While less than 1% of our sessions require reshooting, the main culprits usually involve attire issues (e.g., clients realizing they dislike their glasses, wearing ill-fitted clothing, or opting for distracting patterns).

Ensure your attire doesn’t match the background color where you’ll be photographed. If your employer arranges the session, confirm the backdrop details with them beforehand.

To prevent any need for a return visit, ensure that your clothing fits well and photographs nicely. If uncertain, feel free to email us a picture of your outfit at we're here to assist!

Given the ample time for the photo session, consider bringing various outfits to capture different looks! It's hard to predict the ideal outfit for photography, so bring what you feel good wearing—casual, dressy casual, and formal attire. Include what you love or aspire to wear; it might surprise you how well it photographs.

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Ensure Adequate Sleep:

Aim for a solid 8 hours of sleep before your session. While editing can help with tired appearances, having enough rest beforehand is the best way to appear refreshed.


Review previous photos where you felt confident. Did certain colors or hairstyles work well for you? Consider angles and your favored side. Share these preferences with your photographer. Bringing along past photos you liked on your phone would be fantastic for reference during your session.



Select solid-colored tops such as jackets or collared shirts for a professional, flattering appearance in professional photos. Despite industry norms, opt for formal wear to make a lasting impression. Avoid distracting elements like excessive makeup, large jewelry, logos, or badges on attire. Men should minimize undershirts or choose white ones over dark colors beneath dress shirts. Prioritize high-contrast outfits like a white shirt with a dark blazer, ensuring wrinkle-free, well-ironed clothes. Use a lint roller beforehand to eliminate lint. Avoid glasses with specific coatings as they could negatively impact photos; regular glasses are preferable. Following these tips guarantees a poised, professional look for your photoshoot.


If you have facial hair, ensure it's either neatly shaved or well-trimmed. Maintaining a clean look is important. However, avoid shaving immediately before the shoot, as razor bumps or discoloration may become noticeable.

Professional Headshots Professional Pictures Corporate Headshots Headshots background Business Headshots



Ensure your hair is tidy and not sticking out in different directions. A little water can help settle stray strands. While our editing team can manage single strands, clumps of hair are more challenging to adjust.


Flash photography can emphasize shiny areas on your face caused by sweat or dryness. If you have dry skin, avoid applying lotion within four hours before the shoot. This step should ideally be done in the week leading up to your session.

If you're not using makeup, splash some cold water on your face and gently pat it dry with a paper towel. For makeup wearers, opt for matte finishes and avoid glossy or shiny makeup, as it tends to reflect studio flash.


Make sure your glasses are clean and free from smudges. Avoid glasses with transition lenses that might darken during the shoot. Opt for glare-resistant glasses to maintain the quality of your portrait under different lighting conditions.


Pay attention to the guidance provided by your photographer at the start of the session. They may advise a final check on your hair, makeup, or jewelry and recommend using oil blot pads on specific areas. Take a moment to ensure everything looks as you desire. Sometimes, people overlook these suggestions and regret it later, so it's essential to consider these details.

Relax: Stay calm and positive! Nervousness or stress can be reflected in your photos. Take a moment to unwind, listen to your favorite music, or even do a little desk dance to lighten the mood before your session. For any further inquiries, feel free to reach us at